FACETz DMP eTrust Privacy Certificate

    eTrust Certified Privacy Policy
    Company Name FACETz DMP
    Website facetz.net
    Certified on 17 February 2015
    Valid until 17 February 2017
    FACETz DMP respects the privacy of internet users. This DMP do not collect, process or otherwise use any personal information (PII). FACETz platform never sells or rents any personal information collected from users to any third party and will not buy or otherwise accept any personal information from any third party.

    FACETz DMP collects, processes and aggregates anonymous Non-¨Personally Identifiable Information (non-PII). This information is used to help their partners to deliver relevant ads and content to consumers.

    FACETz DMP ensures partnersí data are stored and used in a safe and isolated way.